There are multiple artists named Trust: 1) Trust aka TR/ST is a synthpop band from Toronto, ON, Canada, originally formed in 2009 as a duo by Robert Hiley (aka Robert Alfons) and Maya Postepski Postepski left the band shortly after the release of their début album. Their releases include, singles: Candy Walls (Mar 2011, Sacred Bones) and Bulbform (Sep 2011, Sacred Bones), LPs: TRST (Feb 2012, Arts & Crafts), Joyland (4 Mar 2014, Arts & Crafts). Facebook page: Official website: 2) Trust is a French hard rock band, formed in 1977 by Bernie Bonvoisin and Norbert Krief. The band disbanded in 1984, but have often reformed for one off shows and have been more steadily active since 1996. Their most famous song, "Antisocial", was covered by Anthrax on their album State of Euphoria. Anthrax also covered "Les sectes" under the title "Sects", heard on Attack of the Killer B's. Both Iron Maiden drummers, Clive Burr and Nicko McBrain, played in this band, leading to the band occasionally being loosely associated with the NWOBHM. Bon Scott (of AC/DC)'s last recorded song was a cover of "Ride On" with Trust. 3) Trust is an all female straight edge band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, which débuted with the EP Hardcore Girls (2006, Emancypunx). Myspace page: 4) Trust is a rock duo from Copenhagen, Denmark, formed in 2008 by Lars B. Laursen (drums, vocals, sounds) and Henrik W. Hald (guitar, vocals, loops). The débuted with the album From Light Into Mass (31 Jan 2011, Play/Rec). Myspace page: 5) Trust is a German Christian metal band. 6) Trust is a drum and bass pseudonym of Muhammad At-Tauhidi, from Philadelphia, PA, United States (as featured on Gasm Recordings). Read more...

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