1 ) TRUE is a Japanese singer also known as Karasawa Miho (唐沢美帆). She debuted in 2000 with the single 'anytime, anywhere'. She is currently signed to Lantis under the name TRUE. Miho is also a lyricist and has written lyrics for popular J-pop groups such as Fairies. 2.) TRUE, straight edge hardcore band from Canada, Ontario. Members of Demolition and Ancient Heads. For fans of Youth of Today, Insted, etc. 3.) Since 2003, TRUE has been playing death metal mixed with the melody of Croatian national instrument called “tambura”. 4.) True is a electro/R&B duo from Bern, Switzerland. Find them at Biography (for artist 3.) TRUE are a crust/death metal band from Samobor, Croatia. They formed in 2003. What separates them musically from other bands of their genre is an unique mix of death metal and melody of Croatian national instrument called tambura. Tambura is a string instrument, originally coming from Croatian island Brač. The idea of using tambura as a permanent instrument came spontaneously, which later became their style-defining element, and the main point of recognition. Their first album Plastic World saw the light of the day in 2004. Next album Serum came out two years later, and was officially released in Mexico. Undisputed quality of this material, together with its excellent featured inlay design, secured them very good reviews and various significant local and foreign festival gigs. The third album is called "Still Life" and it was published in February 2010. under the hood Geenger Records. Last and the current album "Symptoms" was recorded in the studio, "Depth" in Požega (2013). Produced from the hand of Philip Sertić and mastered in studio "As One" (Poland) owned by Smok. Design and visual identity is done by design studio "Imaginarij" owned by Nikola Kovač. Discography: Plastic World (Demo) - 2004. Serum - 2006. Still Life - 2010. Symptoms - 2013. Read more...

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