The Sign


The Sign started out as a real supergroup, with Mark Mangold (Drive, She Said / Touch), Randy Jackson (Zebra), Terry Brock (Strangeways), Billy Greer (Kansas / Streets) and Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow / Black Sabbath) Their first album, “Signs Of Life” (2000) caused something of a stir in the world of melodic rock/AOR and was generally received as one of the best CD’s of the year. It told the story of Aryon, a girl who wakes up from a coma and starts re-discovering her inner self and the world. In a second album called "The Second Coming" (2004), Angel-like logo (just look at it upside-down), and a new line-up. Keyboardist Mark Mangold now also plays the drums, Greer has been replaced by Mark Hermann and John Bivona (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) has been added as a second guitarist. The album continues the story of Aryon’s mystic search. The performances are outstanding. Terry Brock, who once very nearly joined Deep Purple (before Joe Lynn Turner got the job), is great, as always, with his Steve Perry-like voice. The contrast with Randy Jackson’s singing works really well. Mark Mangold shines with his keyboard playing. A bit different from the fantastic first album, but don’t let that keep you from trying it out. It takes a few more listens to really appreciate it, but you’ll find out “The Second Coming” may not be quite as good as its predecessor, but close. Albums: 1-) Signs Of Life (2000) 2-) The Second Coming (2004) Read more...

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