There are four acts with the name Solo; 1 a Dutch singer/songwriter (real name: Michiel Flamman). 2. an American hip-hop artist based in New York. 3. an American rhythm and blues/soul musical group. 4. a South African hip-hop artist based in Johannesburg. 1. The Dutch Solo started out as a duo: it was the band name used by Dutch singer/songwriter Michiel Flamman and his musical partner-in-crime, Simon Gitsels. The duo released two albums of melodic, melancholic songs on the esteemed Dutch indie label Excelsior Recordings: Songs 'n Sounds (2004) and Solopeople (2006). The latter album rather surprisingly spawned a Dutch top 20 hit single: Come Back To Me. Flamman and Gitsels worked on the third Solo album (2008's Before We Part) together, but by the time it was released they had parted ways. Flamman moved on as a proper solo act: he toured the Before We Part album on his own and announced that he would continue to work under the Solo moniker, but apparently there was a change of plan: the only Solo release since 2008 was a compilation album, entitled This Is Solo (2010). Flamman moved to Berlin and started recording under the moniker Unterwelten. In the years before working with Gitsels (in 2000, to be precise) Flamman also released an album as J Perkin. 2. SoLo (Pat Jamieson) who studied at Hofstra University - Hampstead, New York is now currently making a high boom in the music industry and as hyped on YouTube and is continuing his works with other 'underground' artists such as Miles Malcolm, Young Mel and Swagga Bob. His most popular song 'Movin' Out' featured Swagga Bob and Young Mel and managed to get 100K hits in around 8 months. Another song 'The News' hit 100K views. Now working on his new song 'Studio Therapy' he is planning on big things. 3. Eunique Mack, Darnell Chavis and Daniele Stokes performed on the streets of New York in the early 1990s. The production team of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis overheard the guys and helped them get established. The bassist Robert Anderson joined the group to make them a quartet and the line-up that would be known as Solo. The group also had a fifth member named James Smith died before the group met Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. The group dedicated an interlude to him on their debut album. The group recorded their self-titled debut album in Minneapolis and released it in 1995. Released on A&M Records, the album featured production by Jam & Lewis. The album scored several minor hits, with its biggest being "Heaven" and "Where Do U Want Me To Put It." The two tracks reached #7 and #8 on the R&B charts respectively. The album moved enough copies that by early 1996, it managed to go gold. Because the group's solo album did well enough to go gold, the group was able to release a second album, 4 Bruthas and a Bass in 1998. The album had a small hit with "Touch Me" which reached #26 on the R&B charts. After Perspective Records folded shortly after the rest of the group decided to focus on other endeavors as members Eunique Mack and Darnell Chavis released solo albums. Also Darnell Chavis and Daniele Stokes formed a production company called DarDan Entertainent. After spending several years working on solo material Eunique Mack, Darnell Chavis, Daniele Stokes, and Robert Anderson have reunited and are working on a new Solo project coming in 2009. Read more...

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