Solla Sollew

Solla Sollew is the brainchild of Dave Long and Lee Goral who began their collaboration in the late 90’s After a hiatus of nearly 5 years Solla Sollew have returned with a new EP, “The Beginning of the End” released in February 2012. This completely independent release displays the new heights of their songwriting talents and as always a healthy collection of talented musical friends including Dave Kleynjans on drums (D. Rogers/Knieval), Monica Royal on cello (Sam Burke and the Wifeys) and Andrew Nock/Amy Bennett on violin/viola make the sound super lush. Engineered by Emerson Bavinton (Hungry kids of Hungary/Gorgeous) and mastered by Matt Gray (The Middle East), this EP is tight, carefully crafted and sensitively put together and is sure to make waves in 2012. With roots far ranging in style from classical to folk to electronic, Solla Sollew has developed a unique sound. Delicate harmonies and sweeping strings compliment piano driven melodic lines and vocals through these almost cinematic songs of love and loss that will leave your heart bleeding. The EP is available at Polyester Records, Brunswick St, Fitzroy and though itunes or amazon. Links: Read more...

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