Saro can refer to at least three artists: 1 LA singer-songwriter Saro makes a bouncy, highly melodic brand of indie pop interjected with intricate synth flourishes reminiscent of Télépopmusik with less of a jazz influence. His debut EP is set to drop later in 2016. 2. SARO is a two-member rock band from Japan, consisting of Hosomi Sakana and Sekine Hikaru (the former has released ambient/glitch works under such names as Maju, Neina and hosomi). Known for poetic lyrics and rich arrangements featuring Hosomi's keyboards and Sekine's flute. Their third album, "The Fish Which Is Numb In Dusk Of Winter," was released in 2013 via SEEDS RECORDS, after being recorded in the 1990s. 3. Saro is a two-person band from the Netherlands. The name is formed by the two artists: Saar Oostveen and Caro Dings. They make Anti-music, as a reaction on modern day music. Some songs are covers, but more and more songs are selfmade. Read more...

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