There is more than one artist with this name: 1 The solo career of Jenn Champion from the United States. Jenn played in Seattle's Carissa's Wierd. 2. A pop trio from Korea. Group S 3. A Visual Rock act formed in 1998. 4. A Polish experimental black metal band. 5. S is a Canadian music producer and alternative hip-hop S (Canada). 1) The solo career of Jenn Champion; co-leader of Seattle's sorely missed Carissa's Wierd. On her second full-length record, Puking and Crying, Champion together with Josh Wackerly and Creighton Barrett, collect dark and hauntingly intimate songs, surely classified as organic even with the strange electronics, drum loops, blips and clicks involved. Puking and Crying has an up-close feel to it, a direct look into the songwriter. 2) S (Group S) is also a Korean trio with members Kang Ta, Lee Ji Hoon and Shin Hye Sung (of Shinhwa). S stands for "Supreme". They released their debut album, Fr.in.Cl, in September 2003 and in 2005 they participated with the new song 숨 (Breath) on the soundtrack for the Korean movie April Snow. 3) S is a Visual Rock band that formed in 1998 by O-Zekki (later on changed to Zekki-) on bass and Yuna and Itsuki (whose name used to be Luka) on guitar. All three were ex. R'via and left the aforementioned group to create their own basic visual group "with plenty of makeup and bondage wear." The three met Reina (dr) at college and, through a mutual friend, met Miyamichi (vo). With his arrival, the first lineup of S was now set. 4) Polish jazz/rock/black metal performed on bass, clarinet, drums and vocals. 5) Canadian music producer and alternative hip-hop artist living in Southern Ontario, Canada. Born Steven Simpson in Nova Scotia, Canada. A long time producer, engineer, multi - instrumentalist and songwriter, S Recorded and released "Got a Love Woman" himself. The Never to Forever EP was released by Late Night Sound in November 2008. Read more...

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