There are two artists with the same name The first is a club project by the “White Men Don’t Funk” which is the brainchild of three DJs from Holland:Dennis Christopher and Mark Simmons (also known as Beatfreakz, Simmons & Christopher, Master Freakz, Vinyl Freakz) and Tony Cha Cha They teamed in 2004 and released ROCKEFELLER – DO IT 2 NITE, which was a big success all over the world. Releases by Rockefeller: Do It 2 Nite (2004), I Feel America (2004), Sexual Healing (2007) The second is a Belgian rockmachine with the looks of a boyband and the sound of a pissed off pitbull. These four gentlemen got inspired by Queens of the stone age, Millionaire, Soulwax, Evil Superstars and other dirty sounding rockdevils. Their motto? “Girls for breakfast”. Their weapon? Songs like an uppercut. Will play London soon. Read more...

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