There are multiple artists named River: 1) River is a band founded by Ant Balci, leader and founder guitarist of the Turkish death metal band In spite, in 2006 River is also a debut album by Ant Balci, who has no financial purpose, therefore has distributed his song over internet. http://www.river-project.com/tr/ 2) River is a Cascadian folk band from Oregon and Washington, USA, formed by Nate Myers (Leech, Mania, Vault Dweller), Dylan Bloom (Huldrekall, Wake) and Michael Korchonnoff (Alda, Novemthree, Satus). 3) River is a Japanese Vocaloid producer whose known for his album "Rhythm Symphony". 4) River is a Southeast London-based artist who was discovered after her rendition of Ashanti’s “Foolish. She is most known for her feature in Tobtok’s cover of “Fast Car”. Read more...

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