There are many artists of the same name Reverie is a progressive black/death metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark playing music in the vein of/but not exclusive to Master's Hammer, Bethlehem. Chicago band "Reverie" became Model Stranger back in November 2009. They are responsible for the album Shaky Coma The Reverie out of Montana is on last fm as Reverie (acoustic black metal) their site is One is a trio from Australia who were together for a short while consisting of Chris and Lisa Atwood, and Daryl Jones. There is also the second artist called REVERIE from London England who formed in 1999. They play a brand of dark indie. Reverie is also a New jersey based progressive death metal band that has released 2 albums and has a cult following throughout central New Jersey. Their second album "After this We're Gonna Skate" blends death metal with progressive tendencies and hilarious sonic craftsmanship. The last artist is a Dj/Producer from Canada. Who has written such songs as Shard and Day of Sunsets. There is also a J-Rock band called Reverie, and this is Miku from An Cafe's former band. The was also a garage -rock band from South Jersey. They dis-banded in 2002. REVERIE is also an underground hip hop duo from Los Angeles. Reverie is also a post-hardcore band from Boise, ID. Read more...

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