1 Funk/disco project from 1973 by French producers Pierre Bachelet and Mathias Camison. 2. Post Rock band from Tabriz, Iran. 3. is a melodic hardcore band from Richmond and Virginia Beach, Virginia. 4. A mixed A Capella group from MIT. 5. (alias of the Spanish Javier Pérez Rodríguez) is a tech house artist. 6. A Rock trio from Wolverhampton --- 2. Resonance played their first show in November of 2003 and existed until March of 2006. They released two demos and were rumored to be potential signees for a huge hardcore label out west. These guys play a style of melodic hardcore that recalls the sounds of Hot Water Music, Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, and Avail. If you want to see how passionate and urgent punk rock can get, you can look no further, because Resonance defines it. After a year off, we're ready to go for another round. Thanks for checking us out. We'll be playing out a bit while working on some new stuff. Streaming videos of what we thought was our last show are in the blog section. -Peace! 3. - met in 2010, ages from 16 to 18, covered some amazing artists from acoustic covers of Panic! At The Disco to Red Jumpsuite Apperatus, Foo Fighters to Boston, with their EP lunch of late 2010, regular todo shows where they can and to speak their music. vocals similar to that off Flyleaf, Within Tempation, Evenescence, with their contrasting heavy guitar riffs Read more...

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