Reginaldo Rossi


Reginaldo Rossi - also known as The King of brega 35 years of success. His influences are The Beatles and Jovem Guarda. Reginaldo Rossi's concerts are garantee of full house. His first song was "O Pão", but his first success was "Mon Amour, Meu Bem, Ma Femme", which had more than 50 reccordings. The King, has more than 300 songs recorded and does, monthly, 25 concerts all over Brazil. Reginaldo was the first rock singer of the brazilian northeast. This happened when he was leader singer of the band The Silver Jets. At first, he used to pretend to be Roberto Carlos. Now, he rules the musical market all over brazilian northeast and gets a lot of money from his 49 record, 18 recastings, 14 golden records 2 platinum , 1 double-platinum and 1 diamond record. The key of Reginaldo Rossi's success is the fact that his lyrics, simple and direct, have the power to touch everyone, on a way or an other. Reginaldo is the king, REIginaldo. Read more...

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