Ramy Ayach


Ramy Ayach, born in 1980, is the youngest of three brothers He was brought up in the mountains of Lebanon in a town called Baakleen. Ramy’s earliest achievement was in 1996 at a leading musical talent show in Beirut, ‘Studio El Fan.’ He performed ‘Just for Her’ “Bghannila w bdekella” and won first place. This track spent 8 weeks at the top of the Arabic charts and earned Ramy nominations for Best Song in 1997, paving the way for his subsequent success. This success was followed by his first recorded album and number one hit in 1998 titled, ‘Raeh.’ Ramy then embarked on his first world tour, performing at over 50 concerts in twelve countries, including: Australia, Europe, United States and all across the Middle East. In 1999, Ramy signed a recording contract with the leading record label in the Middle East, Rotana, and released his second album in 2000 entitled, Walaah. This album included hit tracks such as, Shtatelek written and composed by himself, earning him another number one hit on the charts and airplay on radios all across the Middle East. Ramy then launched his third album in 2001, Diwan Al Hob which featured three more songs and two new music videos of the tracks, 'Arfino and spent 4 weeks at the Top of the Video Charts, and Khad Harir, which was filmed in Germany and exclusively premiered on the German TV Station, DW. In 2002, Ramy launched another album, Albi Mal. Eight new tracks were recorded and four of them were chart toppers. Songs such as Albi Mal and the remake of an old classic by the legendary Wadi El Safi, ‘Allaylo Ya Layla’ became international hits, remaining at number one on all chart shows for weeks and earned Ramy two award nominations in the Middle East, for ‘Best Arabic Vocal Performance’ and ‘Best Dance/Pop Song’ in 2002. The music video for Albi Mal also won ‘Best Music Video’ at the Arabic Music Awards that year. In 2004, Ramy released ‘Msahar Ayni’ which was their second collaboration and became his most successful album topping the music and video charts for months with his hit title track, ‘Mshar Ayni’ and ‘Khallini Maak’. The track, ‘Mabrouk’ was unofficially released as the third track on the album which soon became Ramy’s most famous Arabic song played at all occasions and weddings and continues to be the theme song for all celebrations. Ramy then began his second world tour. Habetak ana, is Ramy’s seventh highly anticipated music album, released in December 2006. Ramy worked with some new writers on this album. The title track, which was the first to be released, is being described by critics as, "The new sound of the Arabic music industry" in terms of production quality as well as his powerful vocal performance. Ramy now feels he has just begun his music career and is looking forward to becoming the first cross-over artist into the international market. Read more...

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