QARPA is a band who are often praised as being among the most creative musical groups of their era and noted for their multilayered songs and often radical evolutions from album to album Fronted by the iconic Irena Karpa, QARPA has developed a passionate following throughout Ukraine. QARPA has made a range of creative non-mainstream videos and released 6 albums. With the release of an all-English language album on September 23rd, QARPA is poised to expand its popularity to Europe and North America. Group frontwoman Irena Karpa is a prominent and award-winning writer, presenter on major TV channels, and a uniquely stylish trendsetter and regular newsmaker covered by various national media. Over the past 10 years, she has established herself as a unique, multipurpose person in Ukrainian culture and is the most frequently quoted author in the Ukrainian internet blogosphere. Irena has written 6 bestselling novels, won multiple literary prizes, and has had such a strong impact on Ukrainian literature that many catch phrases from her books have been enshrined in the day to day lexicon of her native language. Her novels, stories and essays have been translated and published in the Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and Serbia. Read more...

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