There are multiple artists with this name: 1 Electro house producer from Lyon, France 2. German acid rock project. The obscure and underrated “Dawn Defender” from 1976 is constantly mysterious, abstract and experimental, delivering interlocking electronic soundscapes punctuated by electric guitar manipulations and echoing effects. The album was originally released Tony Robinson for Pyramid label. A serious “kosmische” krautrock manifestation, a perfect & strange dreamy-like musical journey throw ultra psych textures. Pretty closed to the Cosmic Jokers (first) and A.R & the machines. 3. US Heavy Metal/Hard rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania formed in1980. 4. Australian Jazz Fusion band from 1980 Melborne 5. A band from Spain playing progressive metal. Their music is influenced by the DREAM THEATER sound of the early 90s, plus from more heavy bands, but their music can mostly be described as progressive. Many rhythm changes, complicated, with the band members improvising at will and paying little attention to melody or the arrangements. "The Immaculate Lie", the second album from this Spanish band, is squarely in the DREAM THEATER mold, as are many modern progressive bands. "Gaudi's Legacy" is a concept album inspired by architect Antonio Gaudi (Strange gothic inspired Spanish architect, 1852-1926). This is a high-class prog metal release with a HUGE sound, comparable with ELEGY, TNT and CONSORTIUM PROJECT. PYRAMID certainly is a band to watch in the future, but this album does show some promise. They currently aren't very well known outside of their native country. Just another progressive metal band among the many similar bands around these days and nothing more. 6. It's also a dance project by Enrico Zabler. He made the song "Round and Round" in 2000 under this name. 7. Pyramid is a indie rock band from North Carolina, USA 8. Christian Rap group from Carlsbad. 9. PYRAMID are West London production duo and DJ/MC combo outfit Nicky D'Silva and Scott Maclean currently signed with the award-winning Funkatech Records. Long acquainted studio partners and good mates the pair are seasoned live performers, regularly tearing up parties all over the globe from Glastonbury to Galway, known for their trademark electric sets and limitless energy on stage. 10. A fusion jazz band from Japan which is another project of Akira Jimbo. Read more...

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