There are two bands called Purist: 1 ) Purist are an alternative, electropop band which was fromed in capital city of Slovakia - Bratislava around 2010. Purist consists of: Alan Prekop, Juraj Peták, Stanislav Ilušák. FREE EP DOWNLOAD - WWW.PURIST.SK 2.) Deep and tough chords, guitar drones thrown each on other with an overlap. Drones repeated cyclically and inarticulate whisper upon it - in this way Purist new instrumental piece starts. But don't compare "Stillstand" with godlike "Sunn o)))" drone masterpieces or with early works of legendary "Black Sabbath". Yes, there are similar features but when "Stillstand" reaches its middle point, saxophone improvisations cut through drones. A bit schizophrenic, it sound very good and appears as that so-called "funeral jazz" developed by German band The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, a fellow-countrymen to Purist. But despite these strong influences and associations, in this work Purist members prove they have their own distinctive features. In awesome final they create leisurely improvisation duel between melancholic saxophone and depressive guitar chords hovering over the mass of chaotic drones. Neuroleptica (2010) available for free downloading at http://archive.org/details/Wild072-Purist-Neuroleptica Read more...

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