There is more than one band by this name: 1) Psycho was started in 1981 by Johnny X (Guitar) and Bill Normal (Bass) in Boston, MA The band has gone through numerous lineup changes over the years with the current lineup the arguably "classic" one being Johnny X (Guitar, Vocals), Ed Lynch (Bass, Vocals), and Charlie Infection (Drums, Vocals). Their sound has changed over the years from standard punk ('81-83), to hardcore punk ('84-'91), to hardcore punk/grind ('92-'94), back to hardcore punk (present time). Similar artists include but aren't limited to: D.R.I., Discharge, Napalm Death, Black Flag. 2) Psycho is a death metal band from Singapore. 3) Psycho plays an important role in Estonian prog, and was one of the most aggressive and innovative bands of the day. During its heyday of 1976-77, the band played an aggressive form of instrumental prog with a lot of improvisation, much like the Wetton-era of King Crimson. Many of the tracks were as ambitious as the aforementioned prog kings, such as the ethnically-influenced odd-time wonder "Raja 21/8" and many others. No other Estonian band matched these guys in their improv prowess; rather, not many bands around Europe during those days managed that feat either. 4) Psycho was a 90's Memphis rapper, see "The Return of Psycho" cassette on Fat Rat Records. 5) Psycho is an hip hop producer and rapper from Israel. Read more...

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