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Sune Rose Wagner and Jakob Jørgensen played their first concert together as Psyched Up Janis in 1989, in Sønderborg, Denmark Later, in 1992, they recorded their first demo tape, titled "I Never Change" - which had a sound more funky, than that of the later Psyched Up Janis. During that year, both members of the band moved to Copenhagen, where drummer Martin Bjerregaard joined. With the new lineup, the band travelled to Sweden to record the self-financed ep, "I Died In My Teens", and the single of the same title made "Single of the Week" in Kerrang magazine. After this, PUJ record the album "Swell", with the help of Craig Leon of London. The band signs with English label This Way Up/Universal in 1995, and moves to Britain the year after that, to make a name for themselves abroad - though without much luck. Also in 1996, Psyched Up Janis opened the Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival - quite an honor for Danish bands. During the same year, "Beats Me" is recorded in Britain and it is mixed in the famous studios of Abbey Road. Jesper Reginal (Thau) moves into a more permanent role of drummer, being with the band in studios as well as on stage. Psyched Up Janis tours Denmark with the new album "Enter The Super Peppermint Lounge" during 1998. As a curiosity, Sune plays the drums himself, in an old stable. With them on the tour is Danish rapper MC Clemens, also from the town of Sønderborg. The band moves to USA later that year, and in 1999 they publish "The Quiet Album", which is a recording of their last concert together. Later, some old demos are released on "Hi-Fi Low Life", but with moderate success. Sune Wagner now plays in The Raveonettes, which he presented together with Sharin Foo in 2002. From time to time, he plays in Sort Sol and Tremelo Beer Gut. In March 2009 Sune Wagner announced that Psyched Up Janis would reunite and perform a few concerts during spring 2009. Read more...

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