There's more artists releasing under name Prahlad This page is related to trance/progressive artist, while other Prahlads includes Anand Prahlad, a accoustic blues artist. Prahlad was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1975. After living in South America until the early 80’s he moved to The Netherlands in 1982. Here he first started playing the drums and synths in bands. Eventually his fascination with sound and music technology led him to go study audio engineering at SAE in Amsterdam. After his audio schooling he moved to Ibiza. The year was 1994 and on the Island the outdoor trance scene was second to none. A few years later a close friend suggested traveling to India in order to learn about meditation. The first trip to India followed in 1999, where he was given the name Prahlad. Originally a Sufi name meaning joy. Since 2001 Prahlad has been living in Germany. Initially working at Free Form Records, when the label closed down, he set up his own audio company: Inspired Sound. Since then he has been working behind the scenes as a sound system optimizer and stage manager at various festivals. Movements of Consciousness was inspired by an interview with Dr. Goswami, a leading quantum physicist. This radical science is revolutionising many people’s view of the world, and being fascinated with its fundamental theories, Prahlad became drawn to write a unique accompanying soundtrack. The album spans a wide range of electronic music: influences can be heard from Electro, Progressive and Full On. However, the overall sound is also distinctly different: besides contagious groove elements and psychedelic effects, it also leaves space for expansive arrangements and captivating melodies. These are augmented by introspective breaks that incorporate sound textures from all over the globe: Buddhist mantras and ethereal female voices are varied with acoustic instruments from the eastern and western music traditions. The album concludes with a hypnotic ambient track that shows a glimpse of what is to come in the down tempo album which is in production now. After various successful compilation releases, his debut album “Movements of Consciousness” is released on YSE/Millennium in July of 2007. Read more...

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