There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Outcast is a technical and progressive death metal band from France They started out in 1998 as Overlander. The band really launched its career with the release in 2002 of a 4 track CD “The Source Of All Creation” which gave the band its tone and musical direction: Thrash tinted with Death Metal. The MCD was well-received on the French underground scene. The band members were Wilfried (rhythm guitar and vocals), Clement (bass guitar), Romuald (solo guitar) and Mathieu (drums). At the beginning of 2003, the band recruited Guillaume and Gregory as guitar players to replace Romuald and Wilfried who is now only a vocalist. During that year, Outcast performed at a series of concerts. In February 2004 Gregory left, to be replaced in July by Nicolas (also a guitarist in Symbyosis and Reason Sleeps). At this time Outcast signed a licence agreement with the French label Thundering Records. “First Call/Last Warning” was released in March 2005 and combined Swedish Thrash Metal with Death Metal, but also emphasising melodies. The release of a new album was planned for fall 2007. 2) Outcast is a Death metal band from Belgium. They play a style similar to old school death metal with highlights of slam death metal. The band was started in 1997 by brothers Nick and Tim, joined by Nico D (bass) and Wouter (vocals). Since their style was completely different from other bands in the region, they changed their name from "Stronghold" to "Outcast". Wouter was replaced by Dréten. Outcast recorded a tape, released by Sven Aborted on Esophagus Records. Gerrit then replaced Dréten. In November 1998 a second guitar player was recruited: Wesley B (ex-Sektor, ex-Strong Individual). In April 1999, the band recorded five tracks but these were not released, and Gerrit left. For some live shows, singers Steve 187 and Sven Aborted joined the band. A tape of the recordings was released by the band, and the new singer Nico R also released the recordings on his own label. This resulted in a 3-way split with Immersed in Blood (Sweden) and Confessions of Obscurity (Belgium) at the end of 2000. The band broke up in 2001 due to disagreements between the band members. Tim and Nick then recruited Geoff (ex-Retaliate) on the 4-string, Carrez (ex-Ectopia, ex-Caducity) on guitar, and Beermaster and Pieter on vocals. Beermaster left after the come-back shows. In 2003 DHM Records released a mini-promo split CD with Retaliate. Carrez then left, but the remaining four members continued playing live shows. Side projects at this time included One False Move and Whatever It Takes. In 2005 Outcast recorded a track for the Face Your Underground 3 compilation CD. A promo split CD with Moker was released on Shiver Records in January 2006. Geoff quit the band in February 2006 and was replaced by Wesley B. In June 2006 the band worked with producer Dirk Miers on a first full album, planned for release by DHM Records in 2009. Official Website Official Myspace 3) Outcast was a side project of Beaumont Hannant and Richard Brown. To date, they've only released one album (Out Of Tune) and two twelve-inches (Rollercoaster and Terrible). Out Of Tune was released in 1996 on One Little Indian Records and managed to touch on downtempo, trip hop, ambient and IDM. 4) Outcast is a hardcore band from Ohio, USA. Members went on to Morning Again. In 1996, the band released a split with Zao. 5) Outcast is a thrash metal band from Geneva, Switzerland that released an album "Seasons in Black". 6) Outcast is the artist that the soundtrack to "Outcast" (1999 PC game) was credited to. 7) Outcast is moniker of Davide Arcoleo, a downtempo electronic music artist. Albums include "The Family" and "No Strings Attached". Read more...

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