1) Hardcore punk band from Bodø, Norway They released a demo and participated on a compilation 7" EP with other bands from the northern parts of Norway. Members later moved on to bands like The Spectacle, Jimbo Jones, Lukestar and Kollwitz. 2) Nagasaki is a blistering new band to emerge from Toronto's music scene. Nagasaki , simply put, is heavy. It is a complex heaviness that deftly veers from a punishing roar to unexpected tangents that display the band's myriad influences and virtuoso musicianship. Nagasaki is a trio, but it is a trio that whips up a thundering wallop of funk, reggae, and fusion. The guitarist/vocalist, Satoshi Nagasaki, plays on a giant flying V , Peter Walsh plays on a bomb-shaped bass and Bonhomme is on the drums. Read more...

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