Three artists (or more) are using this name! 1) A french jazzcore band Released two albums, Me! (2007) and Haro! (2011). 2) MTV Jams, Billboard featured artist and New Orleans transplant MYSELF continues to amaze since hitting the streets of New York City in the late 90's. He brought with him that special style of New Orleans flavored Alternative Rock/Hip Hop spiced with his rooted influences of Jazz, Blues and World to the Downtown Music Scene. A complete artist/entertainer singing with intensity, writing with sensitivity and wit...always capturing his audience in live performance. None of this has gone unnoticed! He now has a new recording contract with Raptivism Records, a label distributed through EMI's Caroline/Imperial Group. He has also been signed by Origins Music International for worldwide touring and booking, plus, in coming months, he will be the subject of major media attention in Vibe, Trace, Jam Rock and Chittlin' Circuit Magazines. And, if that is not enough...he just completed a cameo in the new Busta Rhymes/Tom Berenger/Sticky Fingaz film "Order of Redemption", as well as being featured in "Pocket Change", an independent documentary with Oliver Stone. Industry pros have shown their belief in the "MYSELF Evolution", as MYSELF has had the honor to have worked with such Grammy winners as The Roots, R. Kelly, Arrested Development and Chris Thomas King among others. This is just the beginning, there is so much more to tell, but it will not all fit here. Let's just call this Chapter I. 2) A punky black metal band. Released a bunch of cassettes on Antihumanism. 3) Spanish metal band. Read more...

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