Median is an underground rapper from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA He is a member of the Justus League. Unlike many other southern rappers who rhyme about being young, talented and stereotyped, Median raps about being young, talented and true. With the recent release of his new chart-topping single "Rize" (produced by Khrysis) b/w "Love Again" (produced by Koen) & "How Big Is Your World?" (produced by 9th Wonder), as well as the release of Median's Relief In The Making and the forthcoming release of his debut full-length album Median's Relief, Median is well on his way to proving himself as one of Hip-Hop's brightest talents and one of Hip-Hop's future stars. Median is now onto his 2nd complete album entitled "The Sender".Median receives some help on the album from the likes of Phonte, 9th Wonder, Khrysis, Big Remo, Astronote and more. Read more...

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