There are, at least, four artists known as Mama 1) An alias of Manolis Zografakis. At an early age he discovered that music was his passion, In the age of ten he started playing the guitar and piano. After his schooldays he has been a member of the punk rock band Squareheads but his restless mind did not stop. For the last 4 years now he composes his own music. By summer of 2006 he is officialy a member of T.S.O.E team (the sound of everything records) as he participated in the collection of Hellectronic 01 with one of his well known songs Have a nice trip. The specific song is included on the soundtrack of the movie Alter Ego (Village roadshow production). His debut album Blue is now out on stores. 2) A Cornwall, UK duo comprising Zoë Pollock (aka Zoë & Zoe - her biggest hit was Sunshine On A Rainy Day) & singer / guitarist Sarah McQuaid. On their début album, Crow Coyote Buffalo, they are assisted by flautist Tiffany Bryant & the multi-skilled Andy Jarvis (of Thistletown). Official site: 3) An alias of Mama Shamone. 4) An alias of Lenny Bryan (former singer/songwriter of Ho-Hum). Based in Arkansas, Bryan released his first album "The Sound of Inevitability" under the MAMA moniker in 2009. His second album under the MAMA moniker is entitled "Get Later" and was released in 2011. Both albums are available for download on Amazon and iTunes. Read more...

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