MADLEAF is a four-piece band, Jim Lord (vocals), Nick (guitars), Dorian (bass) and George (drums) The band first met in an old tattoo studio and the name MADLEAF was inspired when the four of them noticed the spiral fall of the last leaf of an old tree. They started out in 2004 in Athens - Greece and after spending few months writing and composing they hit the stage of the famous Greek live club “AN Club”. “Underworld”, “Mo Better”, “Rodeo Club” followed. The suburbs followed as well. The band was presented by the Greek press as an “All Star Band” because the members were part of other famous groups. The singer, Jim, came from the cult grunge - stoner rock group Lord 13. Drummer George came from the alternative and MTV featured band Make-Believe and Porphyria, guitarist Nick from the alternative Human Asteroid and bassist Dorian from the heavy metal outfits of Clairvoyant and Night Guest. All in one! Even though MADLEAF were unknown at the time the members were recognised from their previous bands and it was a matter of time for them to be established as an uprising power to the Greek rock scene. With tracks like Sinners, Velvet and the groovy Into The Sun MADLEAF pledges allegiance to everyone from Alice In Chains and Soundgarden to Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots. Many gigs followed and MADLEAF shot at the top of the rock scene in the Summer Rock Festival 2005 in Antiparos GR along with successful bands such as The Earthbound, Potergeist, Nightstalker, Rockin Bones, Planet of Zeus etc. The cool angriness of Jim’s vocals left the audience to think of Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder while the wall of sound behind him sealed the coffin! “MADLEAF is a band dressed for success” as the Greek Metal Hammer wrote after a live show supporting, the cult band, Nightstalker. In autumn 2007 MADLEAF started recording their debut album called “SINNERS” that was ready in January 2008 and include 11 songs. June 2008 finds MADLEAF signing with the legendary label Poison Tree Records based in California/USA. Today, with the debut CD as proof, MADLEAF is in complete power with all elements contributing equally, and passionately, to a sound resonating from Greece, while winning fans throughout the world. The recent release of “SINNERS” on the Poison Tree Records label along with a series of performances celebrating the debut confirms MADLEAF’s place among bands poised to make a national statement. In late 2009 the band changed two of its members, singer Jim Lord and drummer George. New singer Achilles came from the death metal band Skin Erased and drummer Tsaga from Human Asteroid stepped in to merge a new heavier sound for the band. 2010 brings with it a new direction for MADLEAF. Early 2011 found MADLEAF supporting bands like The Band of Spice (Kayser, Spiritual Beggars) and The Atomic Bitchwax with amazing live reviews for their shows. The band will be spending the rest of the year in the studio writing new music for their forthcoming album. The best is yet to come…! Until then they are hitting the stages and getting bigger and bigger day by day planning to move ahead to the next level of their career. Read more...

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