There are 7 artists named Lula: 1: Lula - Singer & DJ from Austria (Claudia Radbauer) 2: Lula - Italian band 3: Lula - German singer and songwriter 4: Lula - Spanish Powerpop Trio 5: Lula - Thai singer (ลุลา) 6: Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva 7: Lula - Singer songwriter from the UK (Lula Beggs) 1 ) Lula or Lula Grelhada (real name: Claudia Radbauer) is an Austrian vocalist and songwriter. After visiting New York in the early 1990s, Claudia Radbauer became enamored with the city's club scene and house music. As a 26 year-old club regular at Sound Factory, and later Twilo, she eventually befriended Danny Tenaglia, who introduced her to some of the world's hottest DJs. In the mid-1990s, under the stage name Lula Grelhada, Radbauer began providing vocals on several dance tracks, first appearing on NYLX's "Goosebumps". The following year, Lula has worked with some of the world's greatest producers including Danny Tenaglia, Johnny Vicious, Eddie Cumana, and more. In 2007 and 2008, Lula released multiple singles and remixes including "Fire & Burn," "There's Only One (with Alan T)," "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (While a DJ Gave Me Trouble)" and "Twilo". Also in 2008 she released a double-CD titled "The Underground Sounds of Portugal and Me". She is currently signed to Kult Records and has re-claimed her space in the speaker once again. Official site: 2.) Lula (real name Claudia Stülpner) is a German singer and songwriter living in Berlin and London. She appears on the “Kaliber deluxe”- soundtrack with “Leave” a duet with the German punk-rock icon Bela B. (drummer in one of the most famous German bands “die Ärzte”). Lula was also drafted in to help with song writing duties on Bela’s debut solo album “Bingo”, they came up with the duet “Hab keine Angst”. Another duet is “Nothing“ with Lee Hazlewood who invited her to sing on his historic final album "Cake or Death" as a vocal partner. Last year Lula was signed by BPX1992. The majority of songs for "Lost In Reverie" were produced by Wayne Jackson and Olsen Involtini, who co-produced the Bingo album for Bela B. Wayne Jackson also appears in the role of duet partner on “Come Along With Me”. A further offering from the Lula & Wayne Jackson partnership can also be found at Officialsite: 3)Lula is a Punkrock/Powerpop Trio from Castellón (Spain). Bandmembers: Patrizia Escoin (ex-Romeos), Félix Ribes and Adela Arrufat. Lulas debut album "Zapatos nuevos" was released in 2006 by Lucinda Records. Official site: 5. Lula (aka Tukta 2become1) is a Thai Pop singer from Bangkok. She was part of a female pop duo 2become1, which released 1 album with the same name back in 2004. She was then featured in compilation album Bossa Blossom 2 in 2007. Her first solo album, Urban Lullaby, was released in February, 2008 with hits like Tukkata Nah Rod (ตุ๊กตาหน้ารถ), and Waela Ja Chuai Arai (เวลาจะช่วยอะไร). 7. Lula (aka Lula Beggs) is a singer-songwriter from London, UK. Official site: Read more...

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