There are five artists named Layla: 1 British singer 2. Australian rapper 3. Slovak singer 4. Japanese band 5. American indie band 1. LAYLA is the previously named British female artist Jose Vanders -------------------------------------------------- 2. Layla is a by-product of the seemingly endless talent flowing from the West Australian music scene. As a lyricist, poet and pen smith Layla does not ever mince words. Her effortless delivery and strong emphasis on subject matter have become a trademark of her sound. -------------------------------------------------- 3. Layla is also the name of the Slovak rising pop singer and dancer. Her own name is Kristína Tranová. -------------------------------------------------- 4. Layla is also the name of an all-female visual kei band founded by two of the members from the disbanded Necro Circus. They will release their first single called [the birth of Discriple:4] on 2007'12'01. -------------------------------------------------- 5. Layla is also the name of an indie band from Eugene, OR, United States. -------------------------------------------------- Read more...

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