Brother/sister duo LaRue is walking a path God calls few so young to take Phillip LaRue, 17, and Natalie LaRue, 15, who came out with their debut album, La Rue on February 8, 2000, display a wisdom and maturity that undeniably reflects the sacrificial investment of other family members who are as much a part of this talented group as the two tender singer/songwriters themselves. The pair also shines with a passionate love for their Savior, whom they are contagiously committed to sharing with their peers. Working with producers Rick Elias, Mike Lenny and Ken Mary, LaRue has created a collection of songs that bely their few years in lyrical depth, and treat listeners to a vocal banquet, at once breathy soft, then almost growling with rich, honey-tinged strength. The group's sound lays warm, lilting harmonies atop fresh, energetic guitars, for a result that's closest to acoustic-based pop, but hints of modern rock on the edges. Both the sound and the songs are straight from the heart of teenagers to teenagers, with Phillip and Natalie co-writing every song on the album themselves, and trading lead vocals with no sign of sibling rivalry. Read more...

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