Ketama are a Spanish flamenco group in the "New Flamenco" style Formed in Madrid in the early 1980s by José Soto Sorderita (Jerez de la Frontera, 1961), Ray Heredia and Juan Carmona Amaya El Camborio (Granada, 1960). Later the two cousins left the group, which was then joined by José Miguel Carmona Niño (Madrid, 1971) and Antonio Carmona Amaya (Granada, 1965), cousin and brother respectively of Juan. They released many popular albums that have crossed over to gain mainstream success outside the flamenco area. Their music can best be described as a mix between flamenco and mainstream pop. The band broke up in 2004 with the release of their final album 20 pa' Ketama after a twenty year career. Their final lineup was Antonio Carmona (Vocals) José Miguel Carmona, Juan Carmona. Read more...

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