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IN PIECES developed around the core of drummer TJ Orscher and guitarists Rick Quagliaroli and Val Loper in early 2000 Following a 2-song demo tape and self-released 7-inch, “Brick Wall Stare”, In Pieces came into their own with a five song recording that originally surfaced as “A Broken Promise To Last A Lifetime” demo, recorded in the summer of 2000. The widely acclaimed demo, along with a rigorous regional live schedule, brought In Pieces to the forefront of the Northeast hardcore scene opening for the likes of HATEBREED, SHAI HALUD, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, CAVE IN, and others. The 5-song recording would later be re-released as a split full length with CRAIG titled How To Make A Human Heart on Purity Records in early 2001. By that summer, In Pieces kicked off their first tour supporting FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES and THIS DAY FORWARD at Hellfest in Syracuse, NY. In the coming months, IN PIECES continued their rise while amassing material for their first full-length. In the winter 2001 the quintet entered God City Studios with producer Kurt Ballou to record their first full-length Learning To Accept Silence for Escape Artist.A collection of memorable, energetic songs, Learning... was musically developed beyond the bands scarce history, and showcased the best qualities of their collected strengths up to that point. The release of the Learning... sparked a series of tours over several months with the likes of THIS DAY FORWARD, TIME IN MALTA, and CODESEVEN. Additionally the band landed several support slots including gigs with THURSDAY, COHEED AND CAMBRIA, THRICE and others by the end of 2002. Unfortunately the toll of IN PIECES’ incessant activity was the loss of original vocalist Scott Gibson and bass player Jack Caron. After a brief hiatus the band regrouped in mid 2003, with vocalist Dan Barrett and bass player Rob Morales now in the fold. The new line-up proved to be the right mix and In Pieces wasted no time breaking in new blood with a full U.S tour alongside WHEN DREAMS DIE. Shortly after the In Pieces joined AMANDA ROGERS for another string of dates covering the east coast and midwest. The band retreated to the basement in early 2004, focused on writing their 2nd record while remaining active on the regional live circuit. Six months of intense writing later, In Pieces booked time with producer Andrew Schneider (Cave In, The Red Chord) at New Alliance Studios in Boston to record Lions Write History. Nearly three years in the making, In Pieces surpass all expectations with their 2nd full-length. While retaining their hardcore roots and punk ethic, Lions showcases a depth of poise and songwriting far beyond their previous work. With catchy hooks and melodies that crawl inside your head perfected, In Pieces ambitiously explores new territory both musically and vocally. From straight up hard rock, to spacey segues and sing-along anthems, Lions is undeniably a vital rock album. With the release of Lions in May of 2005, In Pieces continued on an intensive touring schedule in support of the new record, doing full-U.S. tours with MARIGOLD and OUTSMARTING SIMON as well as playing the Midwest Music Festival. The band is currently engaged in writing a new full-length album. (From In In Pieces released the record "Lions Write History" in 2005 on Escape Artist Records. Read more...

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