1 A Krautrock oddity, in that Hallelujah were in fact an Anglo-German duo, split off from Doldinger's Motherhood. They absconded to England to make their album 'Hallelujah Babe' (in 1971), and sought the aid of much travelled top session-musicians Rick Kemp and Pete Wood. But, strangely the album only gained release in Germany! Adventurous and creative, though quite wordy in the song department, Hallelujah's influences were wide: a touch of the Beatles' "A Day In A Life", a hint of Wonderland, and lots of Pink Floyd folky Roger Waters influence. In all, an accessible blend of progressive and psychedelic styles offset by long winding tracks of heavy fusion / at times funky tracks in the vein of Can and other Krautrock groups. Paul Vincent (guitars, vocals) Keith Forsey (drums, vocals) + Pete "Funk" Wood (keyboards) Rick Kemp (bass) 2. Hallelujah is a rapper from New Orleans, LA who was discovered by Master P via Drumma Boy due to the serious rep he was getting in the city. He is now part of Guttar Music Entertainment. 3. Hallelujah is a hardcore/metal band out of Jacksonville, Florida. Read more...

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