Froggy Fresh


Froggy Fresh (aka: Krispy Kreme, Twopac) is a viking rapper that’s known worldwide for his skills in lyric writing Often inspired by Jesus, he writes about his lovely 400 houses. Infinity knives wouldn’t mean shit to him, he’s kissing every girl in the world. His album was first album was recorded in 2+2 studios. It saw release, in 2012, as Money Maker (Re-Loaded), and debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Comedy Album chart. His second album, Dream Team, was released in October 2014. He graduated from Valhalla in the year 2845 B.C. and left Odin alone crying to pursue his career in becoming a rapper. He failed miserably after he accessed a different dimension that was filled with Goblins and shawarma stands. He kept searching for the proper dimension to start rapping until he came across our world in the year 2010. Since then he has been honing his skills and practicing, with his partner in crime, Money Maker Mike. The results of his training turned out to be fantastic as you can all see. Stay tuned to what Froggy Fresh will unleash! Underestimating him will be pathetic. He’ll demolish your pathetic existence. BONER. Read more...

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