Falling in Reverse


Falling in Reverse is a post-hardcore band formed in Henderson, Nevada, United States They were previously known as From Behind These Walls but due to another band having the same name they decided to rename the band to Falling in Reverse. The band consists of former Escape the Fate vocalist Ronnie Radke and currently has several instrumentals and demo songs. Falling in Reverse has signed with Epitaph Records and will release their new self-titled album on July 26th 2011. Their first single is called "Raised By Wolves" which is to be released on June 7th 2011. Current Lineup: Ronnie Radke - Vocals (2008-present) Derek Jones - Guitar/Vocals (2009-present) Zakk Sandler – keyboards, synthesizer, vocals, rhythm guitar (2018–present), bass, vocals (2015–2018) Tyler Burgess - bass, backing vocals (2018–present), lead guitar (2018) Max Georgiev – lead guitar, backing Vocals (2018–present) Brandon "Rage" Richter – drums (2018–present) Former members: Anthony Avila – lead guitar, backing vocals (2008–2009) Nick Rich – drums (2008–2009) Nason Schoeffler – bass, vocals (2008–2011) Gilbert Catalano – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2008–2009) Jacky Vincent – lead guitar, backing vocals (2009–2015) Oscar Garcia – drums (2009–2010) Khaled Biersack – drums (2010) Scott Gee – drums, backing vocals (2010–2011) Ryan Seaman – drums, vocals (2011–2017) Mika Horiuchi – bass, backing vocals (2011–2012) Ron Ficarro – bass, backing vocals (2012–2014) Max Green – bass, vocals (2014) Christian Thompson – lead guitar, vocals (2015–2018) Former touring members: Jonathan Wolfe – bass, backing vocals (2014–2015) Chris Kamrada – drums (2017) Michael Levine - drums (2017–2018) Anthony Ghazel – drums (2018) Discography: The Drug in Me Is You (2011) Fashionably Late (2013) Just Like You (2015) Coming Home (2017) Read more...

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