Born in Fortaleza, Brazil, Eyshila moved with her family to the city of Rio de Janeiro when she was a child Evangelical from birth she is a member of the Assembléia de Deus church and sings since her childhood days, having already taken part in infantile corals and done solo presentations at the church. At the age of 15, she was a member of the worship group Altos Louvores, where she stayed for seven years. Currently she makes solo appearances and is part of the worship group Voices, together with Marina de Oliveira, her sister Liz Lanne, Fernanda Brum and Lílian Azevedo. Eyshila is also a composer. She is married and has two children. Her latest album "Até Tocar o Céu" (Until Touch the Sky) was nominated to the Latin Grammy Awards of 2007 in the best Christian Album - Portuguese category. The thematic of the new CD approaches the effort from the one who pursues the supernatural of God. Eyshila reveals that this is the desire that lives in her heart: pursue the intimacy with the Lord until touch the impossible. “God has sowed in me the seed from the ones that pursue the intangible things and for that reason I dare to stretch my arm till the unreachable and touch the heart of my Lord. If Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Noah, Esther, Ruth, David, Elijah, Elisha and others made it, I and you can also make it. God made the man to make it possible. All that He searches is men and women with a prostrated heart and stretched arms to his throne, to His heart, until touch the sky", she professes. www.eyshila.com.br Read more...

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