1 Emmy, real name Emma Bejanyan (Armenian: Էմմա Բեջանյան), was born 12 April 1984 in Yerevan, Armenia. Emmy is considered to be one of Armenia's most popular and influential singers, being labelled as a "pop princess" and "Armenian pop icon". Emmy represented Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 and became the country's first non-qualifier. Emmy's career took off immediately after she recorded her first song, "Hayastan," and released its video, in 1993. While she earned reward after reward at song competitions in Armenia, Russia, Turkey, Europe, and elsewhere, she sang and toured with the all-female folk-pop quartet Hayer (1994-2000). 2. Emmy was a short-lived ’80s group formed and fronted by Madonna, also featuring members of Breakfast Club. 3. Emmy is a Swedish dance artist who released a song with skajagprova@hotmail.com in the end of January 2008. Read more...

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