There is more than one artist with this name: 1)Dot aka Kate Ellwanger of TeamSupreme and Alpha Pup Records From Olympia, Washington she produces electronic music & founded the all-female label Unspeakable Records. 2) Dot is a female dubstep producer, managing Immigrant Recordings with fellow producer Subeena. 3) DOT (Dakota Oak Trio) was one of the early bands from the Twisted Nerve label out of Manchester. It was comprised of Jimmy Wright, James Rutledge(Pedro), and Dave Tyack who also recorded solo under Dakota Oak and died in 2003 after disappearing for several months. 4) doT is a hip-hop/rap artist from Switzerland. He released his first EP called 'Prolog EP' in May 08, free and legally downloadable here. MySpace 5) Underground rapper from Kraków (Cracow), Poland. 6) . (also known as Dot) is an Drone Doom project done by Maciej Koper from Poland. All of his songs can be downloaded legally on SoundClick - The band has changed it's name to dronehouse (25.07.2007) - dronehouse 7) Dot is an electric/indie band from Thailand. 8) DoT is a musician for the demoscene group TRSI. 9) dot is Dotan Bibi of Jerusalem, Israel and he is a minimal techno DJ. He also produces music and has releases on labels like sub static, exposed audio, c.sides, explicit musick, unfoundsound and others. 10) Dot (D.O.T) a.k.a. Dominic Tasen Okune, born to Polish mother and Nigerian father on 27 of february 1987, Katowice- Poland. Producer and Rapper currently resident in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 11) Christened Phil Holtby, DoT is the weird-folk appellation of the stalky stoic troubadour, master of his own tiny dim lit universe of song. With the warmth of a quiet bedroom, DoT's songs emerge from out of a single point of light just behind your ears and just beyond your imagination, lulling plants, animals, and all other misanthropes into a deep delighted calm. It is the labour of Holtby's full-bodied croak coupled with such yarns as "it's a frightening thing, just you and just night" that germinate and sprout around the listener, each song it's own network of vines, sewing, growing, and lassoing with each spin. At only 20, Mizz Teviak is DoT's debut folk record. Do not underestimate this young man's grit. 12) 20 year-old Dot is an opera singer who comes from a background of composition and is one of the few female players in the game. On Calliope she delivers a fun, dark romp through a psychedelic carnival of sound. Elephants on LSD rumble across the tracks and distorted faces peek out from the high notes in a musical funhouse of sorts, where deviant freaks are running the show and the cotton candy will kill you. 13) Dot is Keith Hanlon, a recording engineer, producer and musician. He was a longtime member of folk-rock group The Black Swans, both as an engineer and drummer. With the Black Swans on hiatus, Hanlon has returned to making electronic music, specifically experimenting with drone and ambient recordings. Read more...

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