Diogo Piçarra


Diogo Piçarra (Faro, Portugal, October 19th 1990) is a Portuguese pop singer He won the 5th season of the Portuguese version of Pop Idol (Ídolos) and became the only winner - and overall contestants of the show, with the exception of Luciana Abreu, whose recording career is anyway mostly related to her TV career; she never released an album that was not related to it - of the 6 seasons of the show who's had a remarkably successful recording career. He released an EP in 2014 with 4 covers and an original song. In 2015, Diogo released his 1st album, Espelho, and in 2017 the 2nd one, do=s (pronounced "dois") came out. Both albums hit number 1 in the Portuguese album chart in their respective release weeks. His singles are also successful in the country as well. Read more...

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