There are two groups sharing this name "Demons" [sic] was formed ´95 in Stockholm, Sweden and fast became a part of the growing rock scene in and around their hometown. On the other hand, Wolf Eyes' member Nate Youngs and Steve Kenney formed the noise drone duo Demons in late 2006. About "Demons": After appearances on a handful of compilations they released their first single "Electrocute" (Ruff Nite 1997) and EP, the fierce ""Demons"… Come Burst!ng Out!" (Steer 1998). Immediately being hailed as a classic in the genre it led to interest from Gearhead Records and the band signed in the beginning of 2000. That same year the debut album "Riot Salvation" (Gearhead 2000) was unleashed to great critical acclaim. At the tail end of 2001 (just after a certain attack on New York) the band toured the US west coast first time around with legends The Fleshtones. In early 2002 they were already back going on a coast-to-coast ride with San Diego's The Dragons, playing SXSW for the first time. "Stockholm Slump" (Gearhead 2002) was then released. "Demons" toured the first Gearfest package with The Hellacopters, The Hives among others. In the fall the same year they went back to the US supporting New Bomb Turks on another coast-to-coast trip. From January 2003 through the year the band went to Italy, Britain, Germany, Sweden and Italy again with great success. 2004 turned out to be another busy year for "Demons". After touring Europe extensively in the beginning of the year the band headed for US shores again for the fourth time in two years. Now promoting the new release, "Demonology- If You Can't Join Us Beat Us" (Gearhead 2004). The tour kicked off at the Noise Pop Festival with the Detroit Cobras. An unfortunate theft of their equipment in Oakland stalled them. Missing only one show they continued up the coast via Washington through the Northwest, Midwest and finally ending up playing a packed show opposite the Hives at SXSW in Austin. During this turbulent tour "Demons" parted ways with Gearhead Records after four years and headed home to their native Stockholm for a breather. In April 2004 the band traveled to Japan to play a couple of on-demand-shows as headliner. In addition to this the compilation "R!ot !n Japan!" was released on RYOW-KEN Records (Melody Star) following month. But back home bass player Muffins Brink left the band standing after a show at Mondo in Stockholm. The remaining members had no choice but to take a break. After searching for a new bass player for a few months, Tristan Jeanneau (ex Fivel, Hypno Sex Rays, Handsome Stranglers) was found. With Tristan the band rehearsed through 2005, doing few shows and focusing on new material. At the end of the year guitarist Stefan Jonsson decided to take a breather for personal reasons. The (Her Name Was Tragedy) EP was recorded in December. The band decided to continue as a trio playing two secret shows in Stockholm before heading out on the first tour in two years. Plans for 2006/2007 include touring in Eastern Europe, Japan, Australia and Italy as well as appearances on compilations, singles and the release of the long awaited new album. "Demons" have returned! Official website: www.rockagainstmusic.com On the other hand, Wolf Eyes' member Nate Youngs and Steve Kenney formed the noise drone duo Demons in late 2006. Read more...

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