Controlled Collapse


Controlled Collapse was started by a young polish artist Wojciech ‘kr-lik’ Król late 2003 Inspired by bands like Hocico and VNV Nation, Wojciech recorded a 4 track demo entitled "d3m0". He spent the following year working on what was to become his first official release. In January 2005, the “humanization” demo was released, limited to a 50-copies CD-r EP with six songs, presented in a DVD-box with covers printed on transparent paper. The EP sold out very quickly. The very first song that was released to the public was “Guidance”, remixed by Jan of X-Fusion. The song was featured on a compilation by Johan van Roy of Suicide Commando, called “Decoder v2.0”, and was enthousiastically received by DJ’s across Europe. The first live shows were given late 2004 and early 2005 (debut concert 15.10.2004), and received much positive feedback. By that time Controlled Collapse made a remix for Combichrist which won the Combichrist remix contest and was released on the “Awake the Machines Vol.5” sampler. Controlled Collapse has been keeping busy in 2005 and 2006, resulting in 7 remixes, 11 live concerts and almost enough material for a debut album. Late 2005, Controlled Collapse was formerly acknowledged by Johan van Roy and signed to his upstart label Noise Terror Productions – a division of probably the most elite label in Europe – Dependent. Read more...

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