There are seven bands called Cloudburst 1)It's a 4-piece band from Wetzlar in Hesse, Germany. They play hard and catchy guitar music, which is inspired by the styles the members have grown up with: various kinds of Metal, Rock and pop.They know how to play their instruments, which is done very fast at times, but at all times aloud. The music can be described as fast, hard, melodic, catch and surprising. Their latest self-produced album "Do Me A Favour And Die" was recorded in 2008 and is available on Itunes worldwide . More information can be taken from Following songs of the charts belong to them: "Insight", "Trinity", "Ending" = III (Demo, 2005) "The Chapter To Be Closed", "And Never Was The Moon So Pale", "Phobos & Deimos", "The Only Truth", "Banshee Inconsolable" = Welcome (Demo, 2004) "Ghost Of The Bottle", "Kill The King", Bloody Night Of Blasphemy = Signs Of Existence (Demo, 2002) "Live@CWH Marburg, 25.11.2006" (prev. unreleased) 2) Cloudburst is a techno group from Germany. 3) A Shoegaze/ Psychedelic band from Sweden 4) A chaotic hardcore/screamo/dark hardcore band from France. They've called it quits. 5)A indie rock band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 6) An ambient, experimental project with releases on netlabel Resting Bell. 7) An 'alternative' rock band from Darwen, UK, formed in 1981 by Keith Nuttall (guitar), Stephen Farrell (guitar), Gordon Farquhar (vocals), and Howard Mcminn (bass), with drummers Declan Donnegan and Pete Meleady. The band gigged locally, recorded the cassette-LP Storm in a Teacup, and split in 1983. See 8) A hardcore/metal band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Read more...

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