Cloud 9


There are several artists using the name "Cloud 9 " 1. Cloud 9 is the alias used by drum and bass artist Nookie a.k.a. Gavin Cheung (Discography) 2. NY house producer Victor Simonelli used this alias on his 1993 deep house 12" "Do You Want Me." 3. Cloud 9 is a hip-hop band from Long Island/Monroe. 4. Brighton based Hip-Hop producer, who has worked with the likes of Concept Of Thought. 5. Nujazz Project on Acid Jazz Records, they did one album in 1993 called 'Millenium', it was produced by Mark Brydon who later formed Moloko together with singer Róisín Murphy 6. There is also an Austrian artist performing under this name. Sounds a bit like Elliott Smith. 7. Cloud 9 is an A Capella group operating out of University of California, Santa Cruz. 8. Cloud9 is a korean pop/rock band formed in 2002. Their music is very miscellaneous. It’s something more than just pop and rock - it’s all about lyrics. 9. Six musicians whos goal is to stretch genres and create a new vibe of music that lends equally to tight instrumental as well as catchy word play. With shows that drive hard energy anthems combined with mellow mood songs. Recently performed in texas. They deliver a sound that is catchy and new. Read more...

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