1) Clarity is a 16 year old DNB dj/producer, who's track Underneath The Leaves is featured on the Med School compilation New Blood 011 2) Clarity is a UK hip hip MC signed to Kratekrusaders/Outtatown records. His first album, "The Propaganda Pulse", is available for free download - 3) Clarity is a London based pop/rock duo whose members are Alex Wahls and Markus Lanser. You can find more information on their homepage - 4) Clarity is the name of a project led by Lord Tim of the Australian band LORD (and previously of Dungeon). For more infomation please visit - 5) Clarity was a rock band from South Bay, CA consisting of members Louie, J, Brandon, David and Justin. 6) Clarity is the name of an Australian clarinet quartet whose members are Nicole Canham, Lisa Manning, Matthew O'Keeffe and Samantha Kelson. 7) Clarity is a Post- Hardcore band from El Paso, Texas Jacob Calderon- Drums Rene Fierro- Guitar Jesse Maynes- Bass Eric Romero- Guitar Chris Odom- Vocals Music can be found: Facebook: Mediafire: 8) Clarity (클래리티) is a Korean hip-hop trio consisting of Donutman, Kidd King & Young Lion 9) Clarity was a Florida pop-punk band active from August 2015-December 2016. They released two EPs and one single. Music can be found at Read more...

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