C are Patrik C (lead and rhythm guitars), Tommy C. (lead drums and rhythm analog pad), Pepe C. (rhythm and lead bass guitars) Tomske C. (organic keyboard). Tommy (drums) and Pepe (bass) started the band in 1999, but after a few months they decided they had to add a guitar player, so they asked Patrik to join them. These three are also members of another Tábor band, Waawe. They began to experiment with ideas in the studio and in the beginning of 2001 they recorded their first cd ep "DEP" (Minority records 10). The ep was mastered by Mr. Rainer Heesch in Liverpool. They call the style of music they play "compost rock" but they don't focus on any one musical style. Essentially, "compost" is the pile of musical styles they mix in their music, everything from hard core to dub,from psychedelia to pop. In October 2001 C went on a one month European tour with friends from Tábor Deverova Chyba. During the tour they realized they need a keyboard player, so they asked the bass player from Deverova Chyba, Tomske. He fit perfectly into the band and since that time he is the fourth member of C. The band played numerous shows in the Czech rep. in 2002, including opening for american bands Diagonah, Nina Nastasia and Pleasure Forever, as well as with the french band Cheval De Frise in Prague and Tábor. Early 2003 they set up a show for Valina from Linz and opened for them, in late May C played at Free Dim Fest and then went to Germany to play at L'abore festival near Chemnitz. In September they played in Prague at the Babí Léto festival organized by the well known Czech independent organization Unijazz. During August 2003 the band recorded a new album "UNIVERSUM" (Free Dimension Records 06) at the new Free Dimension studio located at CESTA, which was mixed and mastered by Ondra Jezek (Gnu, L'point, Squall, OTK and many others) at studio jáMOR in Prague. In late November C played at the well known alternative festival ALTERNATIVA. Most recently in April 2004 the band played a second European tour with Deverova Chyba, and in June 2004 played with No Means No in Prague. In October 2004 toured together with Deverova chyba Germany, France, Holand and England. These days are playing shows around Czech Republic, working on new material and planning another tour in the Spring in USA. Pepe C is the bassist in C. When he's not playing bass for C and Waawe, he works on tour booking and concert organizing for Free Dimension bands and for foreign independent bands touring in the Czech Republic. Drummer Tommy C, usually plays guitar but finds himself very comfortable behind the kit . Also well-schooled in dance and electronic music, he used to DJ for the FREEDIMENSION DISCOTHEQUE. He is also the “in house” designer for free dim, creating cover and poster designs. Patrik C is the guitarist for C, though he also works with electronics and electronic sound recordings. Patrik also plays guitar in Waawe. As an electronic project called T-Boom, he and Tommy C have re-mixed songs for the legendary Tabor bands Sunshine and Sabot. He has a special talent for sound engineering, recording for WAAWE, DEVEROVA CHYBA, BLANK, SABOT, and C among others, in the Free Dimension studio. Tomske C plays bass and sings in Deverova Chyba, and since 2001 plays keyboard for C. Read more...

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