Blood on the Dance Floor


Blood On The Dance Floor is an electronica group that formed in 2006, In Orlando Florida The group's original line up is Dahvie Vanity & Jayy Von Monroe. Together they have sold over a half a million mp3's and continue to dominate the electronica world today. The game changers remain currently unsigned and have the reputation as the people's band with there ever expanding legion of fans known as the "Slash Gash Terror Crew!" Believers of Peace, Love, Unity & Respect. BOTDF is one act that will scar your mind. Love is the message, Division is not. Enjoy the music. the band has released: -3 studio albums: Let's Start a Riot (2007), It's Hard to Be a Diamond In a Rhine Stone World (2009) and, most recently, Epic (2010) which is considered by the band and fans their best album yet; -4 EP's: I Scream I Scream (2009), Extended Play! (2009), OMFG Sneak Peak! (2009) and Epic - the Bonus Tracks (2010, free download); -several singles later included on EP's or albums and most got removed from digital retailers; -2 music videos: Believe and Death to Your Heart (both released in 2010); -6 single-only releases: Designed to Kill (2009 original version feat. Garrett Ecstasy's vocals), Sexting (Remix) [feat. Jeffree Star] (2010), Inject Me Sweetly (feat. Jeffree Star) (2010), My Gift & My Curse (2010), The Loving Dead (2010), Yo, Ho (2010) and Happy Violentine's Day (2010); -misc.: Closer (Nine Inch Nails cover) (2007) was given away as a free download for whoever bought a physical copy of the 1st edition of the album Let's Start a Riot; Epic and Lawlz (2008) were bonus tracks on the Limited Edition of the album It's Hard to Be a Diamond In a Rhine Stone World, DUI (original version) [feat. Jeffree Star] (2010) was leaked in late October and on January 22nd Gods Paparazzi released Can't Have What I Got (feat. BOTDF and KatiKane) [2011] as a free download as part of his 333 Mix tape. Future releases include: Epidemic E.P. ( TBR before summer), Peanut Butter Jelly Time (Pop-Step Remix) [single date TBA], Sexting & The Loving Dead (music video dates TBA), Epic (DVD date TBA) and All The Rage! (album date TBA). Read more...

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