Beaumont Hannant


Beaumont Hannant is a musician, producer and DJ from York, England His music and contributions extend to ambient techno, IDM, hip hop and indie rock. Hannant became a hip-hop/electro DJ in 1986 after witnessing the 1986 World Mixing Championships. During 1993-1994 he released several solo albums rooted in ambient techno. His music from this period has been described as eclectic, densely-layered, and textured. By 1995 Hannant began to diversify his talents. He provided remixes for Autechre, Björk, and Ned's Atomic Dustbin, produced Lida Husik and managed Shed Seven. Along with his long-term engineer Richard Brown, Hannant started the trip hop duo Outcast, signing to indie label One Little Indian in 1996. Source: Read more...

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