1 ) British punk/indie/diy band circa late70s/early 80s. According to the 45 Revolutions blog "One-man band founded by former Essential Logic (see listing) bass player Mark Turner. As Base he made his vinyl debut with these three experimental tracks recorded at the end of 1979 and released on February 22, 1980, on his own indie label. A worthy D.I.Y. 7” which includes VIOLENT DEATH and FRENCHMEN – two remarkable electronic sketches in the vein of early Human League – and the tortured low-fi ONE-WAY GIRL, with echoed vocals and noise-guitar. In the early ’80s, Base/Turner would issue a couple of further singles backed by David King (gtr/v) and Jayne Dare (k/v). " 2.) A Dutch hiphop artist from The Hague. Can also be known as Basereleases, Basequotes, Aly or Alexander. Most of his listeners will know him, because he films the episodes of "Ditisnormaal", a Dutch YouTube account. 3.) Japanese hip hop artist. 4.) Russian Quake player Read more...

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