There are at least two music groups under the name 'Aviators': 1 An independent electronic music project created in Vermont, USA by Tyler Shaw in early 2011. Being skilled in music theory after 8 years of violin lessons and teaching himself how to play the guitar, he created his first EP, Never Say Forever, using the digital audio workstation GarageBand, but removed it later, due to his lacking production skills at the time. After switching from GarageBand to FL Studio and figuring out how to use it, he released his debut album, Reflections Of A Dream, in December 2011. Before the release, he asked the indie musician Yoav Landau, better known as The Living Tombstone, to remix one of the songs on his debut. Landau agreed and shortly after the remix was uploaded on YouTube, Shaw's fanbase began to grow. As of April 2017 his discography consists of 8 full-length studio ablums, 1 TV-Show based album, 8 EPs, 5 remix albums, 2 soundtrack albums, 2 compilation albums, and 14 singles, as well as a number of free-to-download songs on YouTube and SoundCloud under the name 'Aviators'. His most recent 8th studio album, titled 'A Song That Never Ends', released December 1, 2016. Music store: http://music.soundoftheaviators.com/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/SoundOfTheAviators 2. An indie/new wave band from the UK. Read more...

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