Astral Travel


Astral Travel is the name for two bands One is from Perth and the other is from Santa Cruz. Astral Travel from Perth, Western Australia Astral Travel, as we now know it, was formed in early 2006, as a way for the members to escape their respective high school nightmares.The members were all born in Perth, but did not all attend the same high school as has been incorrectly stated in the past. The band write songs about living in a isolated but vibrant city, the western myth of success, surfing, death, luck, aging, happiness, poverty, drugs and video games. Tim Loughman began on guitar/bass, graduating to drums and has been known to lay down a synth track or two. Tim was the founding guitarist for Magic Window and Golden Staph, and has also played drums in Bermuda. Tim has been reincarnated as producer/virtuoso, Basic Mind. Ruby Jeppe started as the original drummer, graduating to bass and finally ending up on guitar/keyboard/synthesizer. Ruby shares vocal duties with Amber. Ruby was a founding synth operator of Healing Crystal Meth and has also moonlighted in Golden Staph. Amy Loughman has always stuck to guitar (although a closet multi instrumentalist). In her spare time she is a film auteur. Amber Gempton tried her hand at guitar and drums before settling for the position of bassist. She also carries vocal duties. Amber played bass in Magic Window, and helped Golden Staph out when they couldn't find a singer who could scream loud enough. Our first show was with the Bad Taste and Mental Powers at the Panther Palace in 2007. Since 2007 we have played over 100 shows with numerous hiatus during which members travelled and got an education. The band have released a 7” single on Fifth Column (2007) (Settle Down and New Guy) and recorded three live songs for Banknotes (2009). A split record then tape with Perth band, Wind Waker, was redacted. These songs finally saw the light of day when Astral Travel release their second, and long overdue, 7" out on Vertex, (2012) (Bodymelt and POVOS). Now that Astral Travel has officially disbanded in 2013, show your support for acquiring unreleased music by commenting! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Astral Travel from Santa Cruz, California: Astral Travel is the brainchild of Andrew Webb Bauer, 23, of Santa Cruz, CA. Synthesizing rock, classical, psychadelic and IDM influences, Astral Travel has given birth to Dream-Gaze. Ethereal, shimmering, soaring, meditative and hypnotic, the music evokes the wordless emotions of the dream world from whence it comes. Each song is crafted like a painting, with layers of delayed guitars gliding over pulsating bass grooves and soothing washes of feedback, ambience and vocal harmonies. Drenched in an ocean of reverb and space echoes, the vocals are used as an instrument to compliment the driving guitars. Inspired by the Indian teachings of Advaita Vedanta and the rugged natural beauty of the northern california coast, Bauer’s music and lyrics take you on a dream-like journey into of the worldless beauty of your own being. “The Sound of Light”, Astral Travel’s Self-Produced Debut Album features the angelic voice of Big Sur’s Danielle Hiscock and the soulful drumming of Carmel’s Ryan Lotz. It was recorded over an 8-month period in Santa Cruz, Pacific Grove and Big Sur, California. Read more...

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