There are two artists with the name Akash 1: Akash is a rock band born in Armenia,quindio, Colombia. 2: Akash is a Pakistani band, making Pakistani pop, including music for Bollywood movies. : AKASH came into being in 2001, some six years ago. It was however, three years ago that the band`s line up was finalized. During these three years the band decided not to release any audios and concentrated solely on improving and polishing their musical abilities, at the same time gaining confidence as they saw themselves and their music grew. Contrary to the popular statement “The sky is the limit”; ‘Akash’ as the name implies is a band for whom the sky is only the start. Akash is a blend of four talented young musicians with highly diverse musical backgrounds brought together through their love for music and what it represents. Having played sessions extensively Sam has had experience playing with eastern classical musicians. However it was after playing for two years of professional music that he started his own band with Miki and Kenny. Fiz joined the band in Jan 2005 as a bassist. Where Miki and Sam both have classical influences in their music, Fiz and Kenny are into Hard Rock/Metal. Coming from different background has helped the band in creating a unique sound with a lot of soul and rock feel to it. All of their songs can be downloaded from their website : Akash The Band Read more...

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